Longer article was published in Trafik Forum journal

In cooperation with Enterprise Estonia’s export marketing project, Anders Karlsson, Editor in Chief of Trafik Forum, visited Busland workshops. Within two days, we showed him our workshops and introduced group’s other companies to give a whole overview of the basis of our company and the idea behind renovating the buses.
The article about Busland OÜ was published in Trafik Forum March 2013 issue.

The article focussed on the additional value created by bus renovation: renovation lengthens the active use period of a bus for 5-7 years and offers longer profitable use period than making an investment in every 5 years.

The article also mentioned the long-term experiences of the company and additional fields of activity, such as bus and spare parts sale and renovation on vintage buses.

To sum up, the article about us published in the most known Swedish specialised journal is a priceless marketing and advertising channel, via which the message about our innovative solutions will reach all the target groups on the Swedish market.